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The 6 Ages of Wealth (Part 3 – In your 40s)

They say life begins at 40. Maybe this is because you almost feel like you’ve got life figured out. You’ve got the kids, house, nice car and career. Many see this as the half way mark, which makes you think…..have I done enough? Should I be doing more? Will I get everything I want out of life? What did I miss out on? These questions can lead to the Mid-Life crisis!

So, your finances are sorted (at least the day-to-day ones) and you want to upgrade things to match your refined tastes – and on occasions your wallet can provide for it. A new car, couch, TV…..all the things to make your life more settled and in line with the vision you have of the life you want. This is a time to become wise, worrying less about what others think about you and being your own person.

This is when you are probably at the peak of your career, if not changing it and when you’ll be considering upsizing rather than downsizing your home as your children grow. It's incredibly important to protect your income, your health and your home. Now’s the time to talk to your risk adviser and make sure your insurances are up to date and possibly discuss wealth-accumulation strategies for the next stage in life. 

Do you have new goals that need to be added to your plan? Opportunities to accumulate wealth are always available to those who plan ahead; rarely for those who haven’t.

Here are 6 tips for your 40s

  1. Don’t freak out – While this is a time to reflect and be proud of what you’ve achieved, don’t start thinking about all the things you’ve missed out on. Looking backwards can mean you miss out on what’s ahead.
  2. Keep Fit – It’s time to think about exercise and diet. Keeping healthy prevents so many things; getting in early is your best chance.
  3. Don’t over spend – If you can afford the Commodore you like, but you can’t afford the BMW, think about compromising. They’ll both get you to the same place, but one will impact on your retirement.
  4. Super – You haven’t really concentrated on super before and now’s the time to start doing something about it.
  5. Consider Investments – Putting money away in super for retirement sounds great but you can’t access it until around 65, so what if something happens in the meantime?
  6. Maintain Insurances – Insurance cover is not only to cover the mortgage, it will also replace income if you or your partner can’t work.

If you haven't already engaged the services of a Financial Planner and wonder what's involved, check out our recent blog here - 6 Stages of the Financial Planning process with Sound Life.  We would love to chat with you to see how we can help because your life is a journey worth planning.

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Source: Taken from an article written by Teresa Ooi from the magazine “The really simple guide to Money” by Big Splash media Pty Ltd

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