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If you've ever wondered about seeking the services of a financial adviser, you've likely asked yourself the question, 'Why would I?'

People see financial advisers for many and varied reasons. Often, it's at times in their lives when they're faced with a sudden and major life event, that a financial adviser enters the scene.

But what if you already had an ongoing and trusted relationship with a financial adviser, before such events and challenges occurred?


IT GOES BEYOND FEES While some may consider the 'value' of financial advice as cost of your financial plan, at Sound Life, it goes far beyond fees. How can we provide you with advice if we don't know what's important to you? We help you to look at your bigger picture, the lifestyle that you want to live, how we can help you get there AND stay on track.

Depending on what stage of life you're at and the life events and challenges that you've faced, will vary from one person to the next. Throughout your life, you would have formed an attitude towards money, and everyone has different levels of financial literacy. At Sound Life, there is NEVER a 'one size fits all' plan and we take the time to understand you and your circumstances, good and bad, mistakes and all (we all make them!)

Your plans and life can change in a heartbeat. Going through divorce, becoming sick or badly injured, and the death of a partner are just some of many life events that can have a major impact on you and your family. These challenges can require financial decisions to be made and paperwork to be completed at a time when you may be at your lowest. During these times of stress, we walk you through your options to help you to make the most informed decisions.

With the death of a partner, the person left behind is not necessarily the one who made the financial decisions. Rather than rely on family for assistance, they often prefer someone independent to guide them in financial decision-making. This is a common scenario and one where we've supported clients on many different occasions.

Recently, a newly widowed client had great difficulty with winding up an account with an investment platform. Our client was understandably in a fragile state and needed someone to help her through the maze of forms and legal requirements. It took us 18 months of paperwork, correspondence, persistence and compassion, acting on her behalf, to finalise this process, without it costing her additional fees.

Important to note, we also provide support and guidance when some of the more celebrated events happen such as buying your first home, having children and transitioning to retirement!

During times of market volatility, COVID-19 March 2020 a good example, we act as your backstop, your safety net. Your investments whether inside or outside of your superannuation, will face unpredictable times. Our blog post 'Riding out Market Volatility' looks at the turbulence during 2020 as seen through the eyes of a clients superannuation account.

Regular discussions with our clients, either via phone or face-to-face, and through our member newsletters and emails, serve to support, guide, inform and reassure. We empower you by keeping you focused and in control.

When you break it down, it's the added and ongoing value that we can provide, over and above a well-researched and detailed financial plan, where the true value of a trusted financial adviser can be revealed.

Our values (compassion, empowerment, integrity, effectiveness and supportive) help to form the basis for every business decision we make, define our workplace culture and our 'why we do what we do'.

Similarly, understanding what YOU truly value gives clarity, guidance, direction and purpose. Our focus is on you and how we can support you to reach your lifestyle related goals over the course of your life.

At Sound Life, we love our regional community and we are proud to be local financial advisers helping local people. After all, we want you to be financially secure and succeed in life, no matter what 'success' means to you.

Please note that the information provided on our website is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice so before you make any changes or amendments to your existing circumstances, please talk to a financial planner or your accountant.

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