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Hello and thank you for visiting our Blog page! In this space, we cover a range of topics within the financial services field with the aim to assist you in understanding your finances and helping you to achieve your short and long term goals.

Please note that the information provided on our website is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice so before you make any changes or amendments to your existing circumstances, please talk to a financial planner or your accountant.

Local Financial Advisers Helping Local People

If you've ever wondered about seeking the services of a financial adviser, you've likely asked yourself the question, 'Why would I?'

People see financial advisers for many and varied reasons. Often, it's at times in their lives when they're faced with a sudden and major life event, that a financial adviser enters the scene.

But what if you already had an ongoing and trusted relationship with a financial adviser, before such events and challenges occurred?

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Riding Out Market Volatility with your Financial Adviser

An opportunity cost is an economic term, which in its simplest form, describes the "forgone benefit that would have been derived by an option not chosen."

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The 6 Ages of Wealth (Part 1 - In your 20s)

This is the first of six blogs in which we discuss each decade of our lives to age 70. We will cover what the decade potentially has in store for us as well as 6 tips that our team at Sound Life think are relevant for each decade.

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The 6 Ages of Wealth (Part 3 – In your 40s)

Are you in your 40's? Is it true what they say, that life begins at 40? This weeks blog - Part 3 of our series, focuses on this decade. The years where life is going well and it's time to plan for the next stages in life.

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Investing In Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) During COVID-19

What a tumultuous couple of months our world has experienced due to COVID-19. From a financial perspective for many, this has caused stress and concern due to the financial downturn and the state of the stock market, and consequently your superannuation and investments.

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Repaying Non-Deductable Debt v Super Contributions

With the current low interest rates leaving excess cash in the bank isn’t as attractive as it once was. Deciding on what to do with your hard earned cash can be tough so we will look at different options. The two strategies that we will assess is reducing your non-deductable debt and contributing to your super.

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Goal Setting

Setting goals can give us the motivation to accomplish something that is too far in the future for us to care. Goals can vary in how far in the future they are with retirement seen as a long term goal for many, whereas buying a new car is a much shorter term...

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Renting v Buying a Home

Owning property has long been the great Australian dream. However does it make more financial sense to rent? Many may look at the incredible increases in value of the property market through the mining boom and think that buying is the obvious choice...

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Plan Your Future With A Financial Planner

Australians, on the whole, enjoy a high standard of living and financial opportunity. But an increasingly volatile and uncertain economic climate may just provide us all with the motivation to reflect on, and review our financial future. Why not take the opportunity for a financial spring clean?

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Superannuation And The Self-Employed

Alarming figures from a 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics report show that almost 25 percent of self-employed workers, including tradespeople and small business owners, have no superannuation.

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12 Reasons Why you may Need to Talk to Your Financial Adviser

Whether assisting you to meet small day-to-day goals through to handling emotional life changes, purchases of large assets, or assisting your family with their needs over time, financial planning is a step you can take today to alleviate the stress for your future self.

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Claim Time

Personal insurance is a complex area, where guidance from a knowledgeable and caring adviser can add an immeasurable amount of value.

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